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Nematac C

Target Pest: Larval stages of cranberry girdler (Chrysoteuchia topiaria)

Description: Beneficial nematodes are microscopic worms that attack and kill targeted insects, without affecting any other organisms. Within the infected insect, the beneficial nematodes continually reproduce and then spread out for long-term control.

Use in Biological Control: Nematac C is active against larval stages of the cranberry girdler and black vine weevil. It quickly controls pest larvae at the time of application and is persistent in the soil, providing prolonged protection against pest re-infestation. Nematac C is ideally suited for use in integrated pest mangement (IPM) programs as an important tool for resistance management, worker safety and environmental responsibility.

Nematac C is especially suitable for use in cranberries due to unique environmental conditions in which cranberries are grown. The cranberry root zone has high soil miosture levels, is protected from direct sunlight, and temperatures rarely reach levels harmful to nematodes.

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