Primary Objective:

Have an advanced knowledge of crop culture, growth habits and characteristics to ensure proper identification of disease and pest issues. Conduct soil tests: assist IPM Manager in plant health care protocols and nutrition management.  Conduct IPM applications including: fungicides, insecticides, sanitizers, PGR’s herbicides, shade compound and plant nutrients.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Follow protocols to make independent decision on measuring, mixing and applying chemicals as directed by IPM Manager.
  2. Follow established protocols to perform chemical applications.
  3. Follow sanitation protocols
  4. User computer or manual controls to take greenhouse in and out of spray mode before and after applications.
  5. Conduct soil testing.
  6. Follow IPM protocols for scouting and release of Biological Control Agents.
  7. Monitor weeds in and around greenhouses and nursery structures.
  8. Manage fertilizers and sanitizers in stock tanks.
  9. Assist in daily cleaning, organization and maintenance of IPM department areas.

Essential Sills:

  1. Plant knowledge of growth habits, plant characteristics; understand basic scientific principles and terminology. Able to diagnose common pest, disease and nutritional problems. Able to identify common weeds, growth habits, reproductive characteristics and ability to vector pests and diseases. Understand growing conditions and how they interact with pest and disease management.
  2. Intermediate match skills, computer skills, reading and writing skills.
  3. Able to organize and prioritize daily tasks. .
  4. At least one year experience working in related field with nursery production or plant knowledge. Production experience at another Greenhouse business.
  5. Oregon Private Pesticide Applicator License desirable.


The job opening is for a full time permanent position. Medical, Dental and Life insurance offered first of the month following 60 days of date of hire.

Please contact to inquire about the position or 503-640-2734 ext. 208.