Growers ask for an instrument that will grant product garanties
FloraHolland and MPS are looking together for an instrument that will enable them to provide product guarantees in the pilot 'Product Proof'. Both consumers and customers want to know which active substances are found on plants and flowers. The first meeting of the pilot group 'Product Proof' revealed that growers sooner rather than later see an instrument or certificate which grants a product guarantee. Companies want to respond to the growing need for sustainability, not only at company level but also at product level.
Growers have to deal with buyers who expect products with a certain level of sustainability, more and more often. At the moment only the MPS-ABC certificate  guarantees a responsible cultivation process within the company. MPS and Floraholland now work together to develop an instrument that specifies which active substances are found on products.
The pilot ‘Product Proof’
‘The rate at which the questions come in is faster than the rate at which we can give answers’, explains pilot leader Gerrit –Jan Vreugdenhil of MPS. A number of growers recently received an email from a large German do-it-yourself chain, indicating that products that contain neonicotinoids will be removed from the product range in the near future.
Not easy
The first samples have already been taken in the pilot group, and the results and analyses were discussed in the meeting.
Growers are aware of the fact that cuttings and propagating material could be a source of unwanted active substances in plant material. In fact, growers will have to work with propagating material that has (also) been certified. This is not always easy. Think of a bulb grower, for example, who receives propagating material for further cultivation, from about 50 different growers.
Transparency in certification
The research results in the pilot should make clear how the use of active substances can be made transparent in a certificate that meets the market, is affordable and offers solutions for the social problems. The goal is to have a workable instrument at the end of 2015. FloraHolland also looks actively with participating growers and customers is to practical solutions to grant daily insights or guarantees. For example, on customer, type, or lot  level, affordability and workability in real practice. 
A draft version of ‘Product Proof’ must be in place before the end of the year.