Target Pest: Whiteflies (Bemisia, Trialeurodes, Lecanoideus)Aphids, Thrips, Mealy Bugs

Description: NoFly WP is a high concentration of the active ingredient Peacilomyces fumosoroseus strain FE 9901, a naturally occurring insecticidal microorganism. This aggressive fungus is a natural predator to select insect pests while non-pathogenic to beneficials. NoFly WP is also compatible with many chemicals making it an excellent tool for use in an integrated pest management (IPM) program. NoFly WP is effective against whiteflies, aphids, thrip and mealy bugs. 

Use in Biological Control: When spores of NoFly WP come into contact with the insect pest they attach to the body and begin to grow almost immediately. Once the spore germ tube penetrates the host cuticle, fungal multiplication takes place through formations of hyphal bodies in the host hemocoel. The NoFly microbe mechanically disrupts the host's internal organs and initiates tissue necrosis. This leads to lack of feeding, inactivity and eventually death. Insect pests sprayed with NoFly WP stop feeding in about 24 hours and are killed in about 5 days. 

Directions for Use: NoFly WP consists of spores of an entomopathogenic fungus that are susceptible to high temperatures, dryness and ultraviolet radiation. Avoid these potential adverse effects by applying the product in late afternoon, in the early morning and at mid to high relative humidity. If practical, pre-watering of crop is strongly suggested. Use sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage of the foliage including the underside of the leaves.

Optimal temperature for sporelation of Paecilomyces spores is between 72-84 ºF or 22-28 ºC. Optimal humidity  of P. fumosoroseus FE 9901 is 50% or greater. If humidity is below 50%, spray product immediately after general watering or irrigation. NoFly WP is unaffected by pH ranges from 4.0-9.0. NoFly will remain viable at room temperature for up to three months. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life to 6 months. It is recommended that this product be stored in a refrigeration unit or at temperatures below 41 ºF or 5 ºC. NoFly is compatible with some synthetic and natural insecticides and fungicides. The spores of NoFly WP are UV sensitive. Product should be sprayed in the early morning hours or evening to prevent degradation. 

Benefits: Peacilomyces fumosoroseus FE 9901 is not a plant pathogenic organism and does not produce significant detrimental effects on beneficial insects, including bees and bumblebees. The only residues derived from applications of NoFly WP are short lived spores that should not present any environmental persistence concerns in soil, water, or air. These characteristics make this product an ideal tool for IPM programs.