A new free app, IPMinfo, has been developed by University of California (UC) Cooperative Extension’s Surendra Dara in an effort to provide easy access to pest and disease information on various crops. The app currently features information on strawberry pests and diseases.

The app provides one-touch access about the biology, symptoms of damage, and management options of pests and diseases to agricultural professionals.

The home screen of the app takes users to the pests and diseases screen, which include aphids, cyclamen mite, greenhouse whitefly, lygus bug, spider mite, and western flower thrips. Diseases include angular leaf spot, Anthracnose, Botrytis fruit rot, charcoal rot, common leaf spot, Fusarium wilt, and more.

IPM APPEach pest has information on its biology, damage symptoms, and management options and associated photos. Links provided on the management section will take the user to UC IPM website that has more detailed information especially about various control options. The disease section has information on symptoms and management options along with pictures.

The app also features the “Pest News” newsletter as well as the “Strawberries and Vegetables” newsletter published by Dara, who is affiliated with UC Agriculture and Natural Resources and based in San Luis Obispo.

IPMinfo is currently available for free download for iPhones on App Store.