The Seattle City Council voted Monday to approve Resolution 31548, which bans the use of neonicotinoid-class insecticides on city property. Seattle joined city governments in Eugene, Oregon and Spokane, Washington, which have taken similar action within the last year.

Seattle officials said their pest control practices up to now have employed very minimal use of neonics. They see the ban as a first step toward preventing harm to bees, other creatures, and people. The resolution further stated that the council supports a national moratorium on use of the chemicals.

The OAN and the Washington State Landscapers and Nurseries Association (WSLNA) opposed the ban, arguing that neonicotinoids are an essential tool against destructive pests, and that the science proving stated harms to others is inconclusive.

In Oregon, OAN Executive Director Jeff Stone serves on a pollinator health task force appointed by the governor, which is expected to issue recommendations later this fall.