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Natal Fruit Fly Lure

Ceratitis rosa

Description: Natal Fruit Fly Lure (Ceratitis rosa) is a pheromone insect lure for attracting target insects. This pheromone lure is manufactured with high purity pheromones according to recommendations from the research community and are formulated to meet, or exceed, industry standards. The pheromone lures are non-toxic where each lure has a species specific pheromone, a scent that female insects produce to attract males. These pheromones are duplicated in the laboratory in a concentrated time-release form.

These lures are used in conjunction with sticky cards and other traps that are available separately. You can find all the available traps from here or from the main navigation menu.

Extra lures can be stored in the fridge until needed. 

Use in Biological Control: Pheromone lures that are attached to sticky cards or other traps are used by growers to monitor as well as disrupt the mating activity of the target insect. Pheromone traps are instrumental in monitoring target insects and provide information about mating activity and population density of the pest insect. This data is helpful for determining the release of beneficial insects and other complimentary measures of pest control. 

Product Information: “Single” lures are sealed packets with one lure item inside. “Packs” are sealed bags with 25 or 100 bulk lures inside each bag.

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