Met52 Bioinsecticide

Met52 EC  is a contact bioinsecticide that utilizes a pathogenic fungus for the effective control of thrips, whiteflies and vine weevil in greenhouse ornamentals, protected vegetables, and outdoor fruits and vegetables Read more.

Encarsia formosa

Encarsia are tiny parasitic wasps that parasitize whitefly scale. The larval stages live entirely inside immature whiteflies, which darken and turn black as the parasites develop. It also host feeds on the whitefly scale. It is effective as control for whitefly on greenhouse cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, poinsettias and more. Read more.

Stratiolaelaps scimitus (Hypoaspis miles)

Stratiolaelaps is a native species of soil dwelling mite which feed on small insects and mites. It is used to control young larvae of fungus gnats in the soil or planting media. It can be used successfully in bedding and potted plant production, seedling and cutting propagation and poinsettia stock. Read more.

Aphidoletes aphidimyza

Aphidoletes larvae are native predators to over 60 species of aphids. It is used for control indoors in greenhouses and outdoors in orchards, rose crops, home gardens and more. Read more.

Amblyseius cucumeris

A. cucumeris is a predatory mite that feed on immature stages of thrips, and may also consume pollen and mites. It is used mainly on greenhouse vegetables and flower crops. A. cucumeris is non-diapausing, making it available for use all year round. Read more.

Aphidius species

Aphidius species (Aphidius colemani, Aphidius ervi, Aphidius matricariae) are a group of native parasitic wasps, frequently found parasitizing aphids in greenhouses and outdoor crops. Aphidius is an outstanding searcher, and can locate new aphid colonies even when aphid populations are low. Read more

Phytoseiulus persimilis

Persimilis is a tropical predatory mite that was one of the first greenhouse biological control agents available commercially.Persimilis is very effective against two-spotted spider mites in greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals, interior plantscapes, and conservatories. Read more

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Cryptolaemus is the most commonly used biological control for mealybugs. Cryptolaemus is used to control mealybugs mainly in interior plantscapes. They can be used outdoors, but will not survive sub-freezing temperatures. Read more

Evergreen Growers Supply

In business since 1993, Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC has assisted growers in the understanding of pest control and plant health. For the last 20 years Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC almost exclusively advises customers of the use of beneficial insects and has been honored to be partners with the best growers. Growers who have successfully integrated beneficial insects into their protocol have benefited in reduced cost in insecticides, healthier plants, and a general increase of their bottom line.

Why should you use beneficial insects?

Sustainable solution: Using beneficial insects in your pest management program is an essential mainstay that protects healthy plants. Biocontrols are the natural method of controlling pests while chemical pesticides are a 20th century temporary solution.

Easy to use: No special equipment is necessary. Just let the good bugs do their job. Evergreen Growers Supply is also available to consult with you and your business on the best techniques for optimal results.

Healthier plants and people: Using biocontrols to reduce health risks to both employees and customers. Studies also consistently show larger and healthier plants are produced when chemical sprays are reduced. Many of the solvents used as carriers remove the natural leaf coatings, injuring the plant and making it susceptible to increased insect attack.

Reduce your cost over time: Biocontrols, when used appropriately, are effective and economical. They provide you with long term pest control and there are no re-entry delays so your business can focus on what's important.

Why should you use natural fungicides?

Sustainable solution: Using biofungicides in your spray program helps reduce the use of synthetic fungicides. They also help reduce the risk of developing pathogen resistance to conventional chemicals.

Easy to use: Biofungicides have lower re-entry interval (R.E.I.) time. The shorter R.E.I. is a benefit when it is necessary to enter the production facility immediately following application.

Healthier plants and people: Most biofungicides have very low or no toxicity to humans and other mammals. They are also less phytotoxic. Because they are "natural" they are less likely to cause toxic effects on the host plant, especially if mistakes are made and rates are miscalculated.

Reduce costs: Growing healthier plants may reduce cost of production because the consumer is more likely to purchase a healthy plant. You could achieve greater returns with plants grown using more sustainable methods.

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    NoFly Wettable Powder Mycoinsecticide (WP) 2 lb for controlling Whiteflies (Bemisia, Trialeurodes, Lecanoideus)Aphids, Thrips, Mealy Bugs

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